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P2 plugin repository of Console Oomph Installer

Oomph Console Plugin

Update Site for the Oomph Console Plugin 1.0.4

Navigate to to access the update site. See source on GitHub.


Oomph Console Plugin for the Eclipse platform. Console version of Oomph installer (also called Eclipse installer). Implements a headless installation mode from command line.

How to install Oomph Console Plugin?

Drag and Drop installation: Drag to your running Eclipse workspace.

If you have currently the “Eclipse” Oomph Console Plugin installed, it is recommended to uninstall that plug-in first and remove the corresponding update site from your Eclipse installation.

  1. Launch Eclipse,
  2. Click on “Help > Install New Software…“,
  3. Click on button “Add…“ to add an new repository,
  4. Enter name as “Oomph Console Plugin Update Site” and enter location as, then click on button “OK”,
  5. Check “Oomph Console Plugin”,
  6. Next, next, next… and restart.